Our Story

We design and sell unique phone cases for the aesthetically inclined.

I am Matthias, the designer behind bestcased. I didn’t just want our cases to be slim and protective; I wanted them to be unique and individual and make you feel good. I spend most of my time playing with colors to create artwork that’s protective and beautiful. By exploring my passion for graphic design and beauty and paying attention to yours I am continually growing a collection of designs which bring individuality and taste to your phone. We have design offices in Europe, Munich and Warsaw, and hand-press the phone cases in New York, USA. 


It all started in 2015 when we noticed that the glass back of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 made the phone really slippery to grip. The phone would fall out of your pocket without realizing, slide off the couch, off your lap and fall right on the floor. It was almost impossible not to drop and smash the phone at some point. It became even worse when the other manufacturers including Apple with its later iPhones followed suit and made only glass or slippery backs, meaning you could not find a decent, grippy phone anymore. Samsung's later design, the fancy - but not very practical - curved Edge, only added fuel to the fire and made handling the phone feel like juggling with soap.

It seemed there was no alternative other than fitting an ugly silicone case on a beautiful phone covering its original back. It made these slippery phones usable again but having such an eyesore around your phone was a pill too bitter to swallow. So no, there was still no case worth buying.

And then it happened. The Murphy's law: whatever can happen, will happen. And it looked like this:

An even bigger eyesore. Having a phone case became unavoidable. You need to use your phone. It is an instrument and not a jewel box you are afraid of holding in your hands. But if you could have your phone covered by a beautiful, jewelry-like case you would kill two birds with one stone: your phone would be protected and you still could pull it out in a café with pride, without feeling embarrassed by it.

Since we couldn't find any attractive cases for our phones we decided to design our own in-house. What sets us apart from other phone case manufacturers is our artistry and creativity: we strive to achieve a piece of art which decorates the phone in a tasteful and brilliant way.

Our love for vintage and reviving forgotten designs is a big part of the inspiration when we are creating our items. Some of our designs are dating back to the 18th century, long before William Morris - the famous English textile designer - was born. His Strawberry Thief pattern is a wonderful classic and a prime example of how we have redesigned it. We found that the colors of the original design, whilst still looking great as big wallpaper today, seem somewhat dull and dated on a small and modern surface like a phone case. After digitally remastering and carefully recoloring the original artwork, the Strawberry Thief has now been catapulted from a dusty antique to a vibrant and modern accessory. We love it a lot ❤

Made to Order 

All our designs are exclusive to bestcased and made with full attention to detail and artistic accomplishment. Quality products and customer service are the foundation of our little store. Each phone case is hand-pressed in the United States and custom-made upon your order, so please allow 4-5 business days manufacture time for your custom product. We ship domestically via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, which means you should get it in 2-3 days after mailing it. International orders are shipped via a service called Asendia and the average time is 6-10 days depending on the country.

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